Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself II: Future Relics


Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself II: Future Relics (2018) is the second investigative project by Nicola Baratto & Yiannis Mouravas on the intersection between Dream & Archaeology, a practice formalised as Archaeo-Dreaming. For Future Relics the artist duo embarked on a journey to Aruba, in the Dutch Antilles, that sparked a research on a mythical island named Antilia and its connection to a German WWII shipwreck: the SS Antilla. The outcome of their quest was presented at NEVERNEVERLAND–Amsterdam in December 2018, in the form of an art publication and a 2-channel video installation. The former was made in collaboration with Viktor Gogas, the latter with Marijn Degenaar, Francesco G. Gagliardi and Claudio Zaia.

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Cat. No.: UNT 9
Edited by: Nicola Baratto & Yiannis Mouravas, Viktor Gogas
Title: Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself II: Future Relics

Main body 16 x 26 cm
80 pages 4-colour offset
A1 foldable silver-printed map on black paper attached
Cover is silver-printed on black paper
Includes a 2-color risograph postcard
December 2018

Edition of 252 copies. 

– Credits

Designed by N. Baratto & Y. Mouravas, V. Gogas at Bend
Printed by K. Kostopoulos, Athens
Book bound by hand by V. Vlachou
Co-produced by Dolce Publishing House & Untitled-1, Athens
Supported by AFK–Amsterdam Fonds Voor de Kunst
Presented at NEVERNEVERLAND, between November 30 and December 9, 2018
With the contribution of Francesco G. Gagliardi
Distributed by Dolce Publishing
Photos by N. Baratto & Y. Mouravas, Thanassis Efthimiou & V. Gogas


– S.A.D. of Itself II: Future Relics

Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself II: Future Relics embodies the metaphysics of a journey Baratto & Mouravas undertook to Aruba, in the Dutch Antilles, in June 2018, while researching an ‘Atlantic Triangle’.

On the first cornerstone of such triangle, there is SS Antilla: a Nazi shipwreck that sunk off the coast of Aruba 1940 in the aftermath of the German invasion of the Netherlands. The second vertex of this geometry is Antilia: a phantom island with seven harbours, which appeared in the nautical charts of medieval cartographers before the Atlantic became widely explored, and eventually disappeared from mapping as no one ever found it. The third point is the Antilles, the cluster of islands Aruba is part of. The archipelago is an extension of the Dutch Colonial history and was named after the promises that the New World of Antilia and its sister Atlantis could bring into existence.

This geometry materialises – both in the book and the video installation – as a mosaic in time & space. Through the employment of both historical and mythical languages, this construction builds a symbolic universe with complex ambivalences. A search for utopia is corrupted by dystopian memories. A quest for the unknown takes place in the ultimate tourist island. Death and immortality merge into a decaying artefact of World War II. The Western conception of the Caribbean as Paradise clashes with the tourist Caribbean Hell, as described by Angelique V. Nixon in “Tourism is the New Colonialism” (Resisting Paradise, 2015).

Thus, the journey represents a mythopoetic–historical speculation of an Atlantic Past as seen through the experience of Antilla, both as a Nazi–wreck and an invisible island. As the future is an imminent moment, already inscribed into the present instant, the visual labyrinth of Future Relics reframes a given past into an immeasurable utopia.

Finally, the printed volume, in connection with the moving images, is an aesthetic and tangible guide to Archaeo-Dreaming, a practice initiated by Baratto & Mouravas somewhere between the historic and oneiric memory we all share.


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Bill Anagnos – Major Arcana

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Cat. No.: UNT 6
Artist: Bill Anagnos
Title: Major Arcana
Format: Cassette

Edition of 100 solid green cassettes with black body print, housed in a 100% cotton fold out inlet, containing additional info and packaged in a clear case.

– Credits

Locked grooves, Moog Rogue, Casio Rapman
contact mics, various guitar pedals.
Recorded live & composed by Efthimis Theodossis.
Mastered by Panos Alexiadis.
Artwork by Giorgos Axiotis & G.Vik at Bend.
Photos by Thanos Papadopoulos.

– Tracklist

A1. Baritone Intro
A2. Libertatia (Version)
A3. Bass Lane
A4. Muted
A5. Messenger Attack
B1. Baritone Struggle
B2. Major Arcana
B3. Valley
B4. Baritone Exodus
B5. The Zoo

– Preview

– About

Bill Anagnos is the fast-driving stunt moniker of Efthimis Theodossis, an instrument builder, an analogue synth collector, a locked groove maniacand 1/2 of the free improv dub duo Free Piece of Tape.

Years of hard lovin in the paths of free improv, slowly led to a more rhythmical and extrovert attitude towards composition. Trying to balancebetween previous versions of pre-recorded tracks and their dubbed shadows, a decision was upheld, to dress up with style and grit something only a stuntman by day / free roaming driver by night could do and score the open roads.  

As the title suggests “Major Arcana” is a set of 22 cards in tarot that “represent the life lessons, karmic influences and the big archetypal themes that are influencing life and the soul’s journey to true enlightenment”. Bill’s first proper solo release under this name is a collection of 7 tracks and 3 interludes recorded and produced between 2011 and 2013, that offer a rare glimpse of the core elements that consist this dirt track persona. “Major Arcana” is one of those releases where a conjuring takes place, creating a unique combination of cross-linking various genres. Dub, kosmische, vaporwave, drone, lo-fi, orchestral, world music, all these are present, re-arranged and blended together with the utmost skill. Utilizing surface noise, pulsating hiss, intentional errors, subconscious chance playing, a “selector” style free from a beat locked attitude, aand a compulsion for instrument building such as the semantron (σήμαντρο) that draws from Orthodox monks self-build summoning instrument tradition, Theodosis channels this kind of psyche directly through the black leather covered hands of Bill Anagnos and into the Major Arcana world.

Demonstrating top-notch dub production skills and analogue synth wizardry Major Arcana is a rare vapour dub gem that roots firmly to a kosmischeuniverse. A universe weird enough to become almost monastic and finally sucked up again into its own haze.

This is Bill Anagnos driving through Major Arcana !

– Short Bio

Efthimis Theodossis is an active member of the contemporary Athenian underground music scene since 2001. He is a member of the experimental duo Free Piece of Tape and he has participated in various festivals such as Video Dance Festival (2006), Synch Festival (2007), MIR Festival (2008), Athens & Epidaurus Festival (2009), Vovousa Festival (2016) and Documenta14 (2017). From 2011 and on he started working on his solo alias, and in early 2015 he first performed under the Bill Anagnos name.



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Liquidism – 01


Liquidism-01 is the first eagerly awaited release in the “Liquidism” series. A 35x50cm, 16-page edition, featuring artwork by Nektarios Pappas, Angelique Peristeraki, Viktor Gogas, Stathis Tsemberlidis, Jola & George Tourlas.

This periodical publication was born out of a deep desire for a new meeting place, where independent artists could explore imagery through the lens of contemporary illustration. The initiative is rooted in the participants’ willingness to interact, experiment and communicate in the process of producing a physical object. Liquidism‘s ultimate goal is to trigger the reader’s senses through direct exposure to landscapes of ink and paper, light and shadow.

Special thanks to Philip Goumas for unknowingly stumbling upon the concept of “liquidism” in 2004.

– Info

Cat. No.: UNT 5
Artists: Nektarios Pappas, Angélique Peristeraki, Viktor Gogas, Stathis Tsemberlidis, Jola, George Tourlas
Title: Liquidism – 01
Format: 35 x 50 cm, 16 pages

Edition of 150 copies. 

– Credits

Printing by Kostopoulos Printing House.
Photos by Viktor & Jola


– Issue 01  /  Li . qui . d-ism  /  L I K W I D I Z M  /  

“Stands as a distinctive system of molecules that move among themselves but do not tend to separate. A nearly incompressible fluid action or process that conforms to the shape of its container but retains a (nearly) constant volume, independent of any pressure. A synthesis of droplets whose impetuous nature can easily overpower glass and, although the beads succumb to the touch,  they can never be captured”.

– Short Bios

Angélique Peristeraki was born in Paris in 1939 and died in Crete in 1990. She had very little formal training and was mostly self-taught in all her artistic pursuits. She wrote plays and novels, she appeared on stage and painted for more than 30 years. Metamorphosis is part of her “Leda and the Swan” series, first exhibited in Chania in 1982.

Born in Athens in 1972, Nektarios Pappas helmed Vinyl Microstore, a legendary record shop in downtown Athens, between 1996 and 2010, which spawned several cultural projects with a strong surrealist undertone, including a record label, a festival, a web radio and more. Since 2014 he has been studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Zafos Xagoraris, exploring audio installations and public interventions.
→ nektatiospappas.com

Stathis Tsemberlidis has been publishing comic books, producing short animated films and co-curating the science fiction anthology Decadence since 2003. He has participated in notable festivals, including Comics Art Brooklyn, the Tokyo Art Book Fair and the AngoulêmeInternational Comics Festival, while he has exhibited his work in solo and group shows in England, Estonia, Norway and France. He lives and works between Copenhagen and Athens.
→ decadencecomics.com
→ instagram.com/decadencecomics

Born in 1979, George Tourlas has studied painting and digital arts in Athens and abroad and has participated in numerous exhibitions. His work has been featured in Le Dernier Cri, United Dead Artists, Good vs Evil and other international publications. He is currently producing album covers, gig posters and band logos for Seagrave Records, while in 2018 he started his own label θώς, where he releases limited edition zines, apparel and accessories.
→ facebook.com/george.tourlas
→ instagram.com/th_0_w_s

Born in Athens in 1985, Viktor Gogas is a graphic designer with a background in visual communication and printing. Professionally active since 2006, he joined forces with G. Axiotis and O. Tsolkas at creative design agency Bend in 2010, while he has been a founding member of independent publishing label Untitled-1 since 2015. He is an avid supporter of indie publishing and regularly donates his services to various cultural initiatives. His creative output ranges from branding and identity systems to book design, illustration and typography.
→ bend.gr
→ untitled-1.org

Jola was born in Karditsa in 1983 and currently lives in Athens. His work encompasses a variety of disciplines, including graphic design, illustration, calligraphy, screen printing and mural painting. He is a renowned graffiti artist in the local underground scene and regularly produces artwork for recording artists and independent labels. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, while his work has been published both in Greece and abroad. He has been a founding member of independent publishing label Untitled-1 since 2015.
→ jola818.blogspot.com

→ instagram.com/jola818
→ untitled-1.org

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Turbo Teeth – Yellow Equals One / Reworked

– Info

Cat. No.: UNT 4
Artist: Turbo Teeth
Title: Yellow Equals One / Reworked
Format: WAV

– Credits

Remixes on Yellow Equals One by Bill Anagnos, Echo Canyon,
Sister Overdrive, Elisabeth Vogler.
Mastered by Panos Alexiadis.
Artwork by Jola818, G.Vik & Giorgos Axiotis.

– Tracklist

1. Bill Anagnos – Chica’s Palindromes (dub)
2. Echo Canyon – Dial a Discogs (Echo Canyon rework)
3. Sister Overdrive – Palindromes (Sister Overdrive misdirection)
4. Elisabet Vogler – Self Generated Tropical Tape Transit

– Preview

– About

Taking as a starting point the diverse nature of Turbo Teeth’s / Yellow Equals One first EP, four musicians from Athens, re-structure & re-model tracks from YEO with a fully imaginative drive.

Bill Anagnos carves a misty dub path through the sweaty streets of Chica’s Palindromes. Using washes of sound that stretch time & space, he progressively reveals a two-step intergalactic gem that echoes hard through the space vacuum.

Echo Canyon dials a quite different tone to Dial A Discos pt I & II, revealing an incredible ability to materialize and de-materialize abstract dance structures, using parts of the track like a series of magic wands, he casts spells repeatedly upon a dissolving and uncertain dancefloor. 

Sister Overdrive takes his turn with Chica’s Palindromes misdirection mix, starting with treated fragments of the actual track and building up an explosive mix, that skillfully exposes & eventually upgrades the hidden meaning of the track, transforming it into a weird rave anthem for the few.

Last, but certainly not least, comes Elisabet Vogler who attentively weaves an ethereal dream line between the actual track and its astral projection. Using a small fragment from Tropical Tape Transit (pt.II), she delivers an emotive spectral tape treatment, that could go on playing forever without ever repeating itself. A perfect closing gesture, which quickly sucks you into its own wormhole.

These tracks cast a quite different light to the EP, revealing different takes that underline the eccentricity & diversity of YEO!


Turbo Teeth – Yellow Equals One

– Info

Cat. No.: UNT 3
Artist: Turbo Teeth
Title: Yellow Equals One
Format: 12″, 33rpm

Edition of 300 copies of white vinyl, packaged in a folded 70 x 100cm poster with full artwork, including a pack of eight perforated stickers designed by different artists.

– Credits

Recorded live & composed between 2013-2016.
Mixed by Panos Alexiadis.
Mastered & cut by Marco-Antonio Spaventi.
Artwork by Jola818, G.Vik & Giorgos Axiotis.
Sticker pack artwork by PH!D, HardIsTheOnlyWay, Yorgia Karidi, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Nodata, Matao Oka, Jola818, Sportex80, Xeerow & Cobra Nine.
Printing by Kostopoulos Printing House.
Photos by AAiikkoo.

– Tracklist

A1. Money Over Glitches
A2. Big Troubles
A3. Dial a Discos (pt. I & II)

B1. Chica’s Palindromes
B2. Tropical Tape Transit (pt. I & II)

– Preview

– About

“Yellow Equals One” finds one of Athens’ most offbeat musicians, Giorgos Axiotis, recording his first proper solo EP as Turbo Teeth, a project that culminates many years of experience and experimentation as a member of various acts like Free Piece Of Tape, Balinese Beast, Holefold, Bruised Lee & Tom Cruisin‘.

 “YEO” is a record of intuitive charm, an exercise in style and substance, revealing an incredible aptitude to switch between styles and grooves. A sense of universal moodiness combined with a flair for quick, witty chunks, filters through every track, holding together nervous percussion, irregular patterns, dystopian synth lines, retro sci-fi goofiness, tape deck abstractions and fractured pop. This is an alchemical blend of sounds, where each track is materialized as a hybrid of different ideas and dynamics. 

Opening track “Money Over Glitches” is a perfect slow burner with its idiosyncratic bass, hazy pads and punchy hi-hats topped with some bizarre, slowed down sampled vocals. “Big Troubles” features brief whistling sounds, percussive elements and various slapstick noises that emerge over a retro-robotic swing to put together a bizarrely mechanized dance track. This affection for automated malfunctions carries on throughout the first part of “Dial A Discos pt. I & II” with xerox beats and collage patterns, up to a point when a hypnotic lo-fi sample ritual cuts the track halfway through, resembling a remote UFO calling, adorned with slow rhythmic pulses and dubbed out sampledelia. Chica’s Palindromes” stands out as probably the record’s most haunting track, with its spacious opening of creepy hiss and absurd reverse loops, followed by some poignant dubby chords, optimized for some ultimate bleak atmospherics, dreamlike textures and lynchian filmic qualities. Not so much as an afterword but rather as the track that epitomizes YEO feel, “Tropical Tape Transit pt. I & II” begins as a crap-rap abstraction with fragmented burlesque tricks over a steady beat that slowly evolves into a mesmerizing keyboard reverie applied over a soft kick drum.

Sitting in the twilight zone, somewhere between nervousness and uncanny exultation, “Yellow Equals One” is a truly sharp move that could serve as the finest soundtrack to a nocturnal cruise through dim-lit, desolate metropolitan suburbia.

– Short Bio

Turbo Teeth is the solo project by Giorgos Axiotis. The highly idiosyncratic, unstable and addictive sound of T.T, eventuates in transient deca-dance vignettes and consists of dysfunctional & fast tempo sliding cut-up rhythms, mangled loops, gonjo dance fantasies, dental hop dreams, and mutated mover spins.



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Space Blanket – Kalémi

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies on 180gr black vinyl, packaged in a silver offset printed sleeve, including a one-color poster printed on metallic paper.

Space Blanket present their first LP titled “ΚΑΛΕΜΙ” (chisel in Greek). The album consists of 8 tracks written and produced in Athens, Greece during a period of two years. With an affection for throbbing, single-note bass lines played on analog synthesizers and arpeggiated lead lines inspired by the 80’s era, Space Blanket tried to create a unified stylistic statement that holds comments on what has been at the forefront of their lives the past few years. From climbing big rockfaces to flying high with a parachute, from the political instability in Greece to major contradictions and inequalities people have to still deal with, it’s all there in the form of multiplexed sound waves and mathematics. With the invaluable contribution of Johny Tercu (Kooba Tercu) on vocals Space Blanket present you “KAΛΕΜΙ”.

Short Bio

Space Blanket is an electronic duo from Athens, Greece. Their debut EP “Cosmic” (2012), was released on 12’’ vinyl record and digital download and was welcomed by the press and music fans, giving Space Blanket the chance to carry out many gigs, always accompanied with real-time visual projections created from scratch and manipulated in real-time during their live shows. Their continuously growing reputation led them to open for the likes of Depeche Mode and Gramatik. The duo is also known for their ground-up reworks on tracks of completely different sound base, such as Rolling Stones’ Jumping Jack Flash’ and Kyuss ‘Green Machine’. Their sound is described as cosmic disco punk also containing nu-80s elements and is characterized by ponderous beats, low bass frequencies, aggressive but also melodic lines and outbursts of distorted guitars.


Cat. No.: UNT 2
Artist: Space Blanket
Title: Kalémi
Format: 12″, 33rpm

Produced by Space Blanket
Mixed at Unreal studios by Space Blanket and Alex Ketenjian
Mastered at Sweetspot by Yiannis Christodoulatos
Artwork by Jola 818 & G.Vic at Bend
Printing by Kostopoulos Printing House
Photography by Christos Kotsinis & G.Vic


A1. Intro
A2. Runner
A3. Old People
A4. Nu People
B1. Doggy
B2. The Promised Land
B3. Terrestial
B4. Fountain


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Elephant Phinix / JKone – The Providers

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies on yellow 7’’ vinyl with hand-printed letterpress labels, packaged in a 4-colour screenprinted sleeve, including a poster with the lyrics and cover art.

Cat. No.: UNT 1
Genre: Hip Hop
Lyrics by Elephant Phinix
Produced by JKone
Mixed & Programmed by JKone – Elephant Phinix
Mastered by Koebbel

Artwork by Jola 818
Design by Jola 818 & G.Vic at Bend
Printing by Symbolink & Lambros Giousos
Photography by Christos Kotsinis & G.Vic

A1. The Providers
B1. The Providers (instrumental)

“The Providers” was originally released in digital format by Beatquick in May 2014 and re-issued in a limited 7” vinyl edition by Untitled-1 in May 2015.

Elephant Phinix rhymes smoothly over a down-tempo, slow boom bap beat produced by JK One, layered with mandolin and medieval choir samples. Mastered by Koebbel. Some would describe this track as contemplative. Elephant Phinix raps about life and the choices we make that ultimately define who we are.

After all,
“Life is what you make it, you better make it strong.
This is more than just lyrics on a song”.

Elephant Phinix

Born in 1986 in Sunderland, UK, home to The Black Cats, he moved to Athens, Greece, at an early age. He has always been a music lover but his attraction to the microphone grew out of free-styling over beats and laying down tracks with friends around the age of 18.

“Athens Burns” marked his early beginnings. The graffiti crew it represented helped him think out of the box and look at rapping from a more serious perspective, paying more attention to the lyrics.

In the past few years, he has opened for and played with bands and artists such as Jeru The Damaja, Evidence, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Diamond D, 2Mex, B Real of Cypress Hill & Psycho Realm, Shabaam Sahdeeq, RA The Rugged Man, Supernatural, Shyheim, Madlib & J Rocc, Kool Keith, Kutmasta Kurt, Imani from the Pharcyde, CunninLynguists, Mr Lif, Loop Troop Rockers, Dj Vadim, Wax Tailor, Dub Pistols, The Herbaliser, Gramatik, Thavius Beck, Noisia, Chinese Man and Birdie Num Num.



JK One is a Vyronas kid at heart.  He’s a member of the Phase3 crew, formed in 2001. An MC and a producer, he’s been loyal to the mic and hip-hop culture for more than fifteen years. He’s a dedicated follower of boom bap and loves a grittier sound.




Born in Karditsa in 1983, he currently lives and works in Athens, Greece. His work stretches all the way from graphic design, illustration, silkscreen printing and murals to documentary videο, renowned in the local underground graffiti and street art scene.

Elephant Phinix has collaborated with Jola quite a few times in the past. Jola’s artwork is displayed on “Patience is Gold” and “The Gutter Twinz” album covers, accompanied by limited, silkscreen printed apparel.


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