Turbo Teeth – Yellow Equals One

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Cat. No.: UNT 3
Artist: Turbo Teeth
Title: Yellow Equals One
Format: 12″, 33rpm

Edition of 300 copies of white vinyl, packaged in a folded 70 x 100cm poster with full artwork, including a pack of eight perforated stickers designed by different artists.

– Credits

Recorded live & composed between 2013-2016.
Mixed by Panos Alexiadis.
Mastered & cut by Marco-Antonio Spaventi.
Artwork by Jola818, G.Vik & Giorgos Axiotis.
Sticker pack artwork by PH!D, HardIsTheOnlyWay, Yorgia Karidi, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Nodata, Matao Oka, Jola818, Sportex80, Xeerow & Cobra Nine.
Printing by Kostopoulos Printing House.
Photos by AAiikkoo.

– Tracklist

A1. Money Over Glitches
A2. Big Troubles
A3. Dial a Discos (pt. I & II)

B1. Chica’s Palindromes
B2. Tropical Tape Transit (pt. I & II)

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– About

“Yellow Equals One” finds one of Athens’ most offbeat musicians, Giorgos Axiotis, recording his first proper solo EP as Turbo Teeth, a project that culminates many years of experience and experimentation as a member of various acts like Free Piece Of Tape, Balinese Beast, Holefold, Bruised Lee & Tom Cruisin‘.

 “YEO” is a record of intuitive charm, an exercise in style and substance, revealing an incredible aptitude to switch between styles and grooves. A sense of universal moodiness combined with a flair for quick, witty chunks, filters through every track, holding together nervous percussion, irregular patterns, dystopian synth lines, retro sci-fi goofiness, tape deck abstractions and fractured pop. This is an alchemical blend of sounds, where each track is materialized as a hybrid of different ideas and dynamics. 

Opening track “Money Over Glitches” is a perfect slow burner with its idiosyncratic bass, hazy pads and punchy hi-hats topped with some bizarre, slowed down sampled vocals. “Big Troubles” features brief whistling sounds, percussive elements and various slapstick noises that emerge over a retro-robotic swing to put together a bizarrely mechanized dance track. This affection for automated malfunctions carries on throughout the first part of “Dial A Discos pt. I & II” with xerox beats and collage patterns, up to a point when a hypnotic lo-fi sample ritual cuts the track halfway through, resembling a remote UFO calling, adorned with slow rhythmic pulses and dubbed out sampledelia. Chica’s Palindromes” stands out as probably the record’s most haunting track, with its spacious opening of creepy hiss and absurd reverse loops, followed by some poignant dubby chords, optimized for some ultimate bleak atmospherics, dreamlike textures and lynchian filmic qualities. Not so much as an afterword but rather as the track that epitomizes YEO feel, “Tropical Tape Transit pt. I & II” begins as a crap-rap abstraction with fragmented burlesque tricks over a steady beat that slowly evolves into a mesmerizing keyboard reverie applied over a soft kick drum.

Sitting in the twilight zone, somewhere between nervousness and uncanny exultation, “Yellow Equals One” is a truly sharp move that could serve as the finest soundtrack to a nocturnal cruise through dim-lit, desolate metropolitan suburbia.

– Short Bio

Turbo Teeth is the solo project by Giorgos Axiotis. The highly idiosyncratic, unstable and addictive sound of T.T, eventuates in transient deca-dance vignettes and consists of dysfunctional & fast tempo sliding cut-up rhythms, mangled loops, gonjo dance fantasies, dental hop dreams, and mutated mover spins.



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